Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine
Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine
Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine
Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine
Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine
Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine

Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine

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This Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine is great for any manicure lovers or even beginners, giving you speedy and convenient nail repairing, manicures at the comfort of your home!
With 6 lightweight metal bits and 6 excellent sanding bands, it makes low noise and slight vibration for smooth and long-time operation. The nail file includes 6 replaceable attachments, allowing you to remove excess cuticles, shape and polish nails which make it more beautiful, quickly and safely!
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  • Multi-Use: Carving, Engraving, Routing, Grinding, Sharpening, Sanding, Polishing, Drilling and more.
  • The nail machine contains six emery cloth grinding head (3 coarse sand 3 fine sand), can be used interchangeably.
  • Variable vibration speed from 3,000-20,000 RPM, double bearings design, double insulated which is easy to use in any position.
  • Light-weight design for precise operation.
  • Suitable for professional use, nail salon, manicure, pedicure, makeup studio or home use.
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    • The handpiece can directly be connected to electricity and is easy to carry around.
    • Can be used for natural nails as well as an artificial nail.
    • Can be used for nail art, gels, shellac, nail polish & more.
    • Suitable for pedicure and manicure. 


    1. Unplug the tool from the electrical outlet before loading a bit.
    2. Press shaft lock button, rotate the collet nut anticlockwise (but do not take the nut out) insert the bit, and tighten the collet clockwise securely. But avoid excess tightening of the collet nut in case of damage in the nut.
    3. Slide the on/off switch to find the speed needed between 3000-13,000RPM. Slide the switch to the black dot for a complete stop.
    4. When finished, unplug the tool, take the bit out and store the set in a dry place.


    • 1. Cuticle Pusher: removes dead skin. keeps cuticles neat and cleans up calluses
    • 2. Fine Shaping Tool: carves into corners and spots which are hard to reach
    • 3. Shaping Tool: flattens and smooth extra thick nails
    • 4&5. Buffing Tool: Polishes Nail to a healthy shine, pushes back cuticles and stimulates the growth of nails
    • 6. Emery Tool (Use with the Sanding band) - Shape nails and makes the edge smooth. 


      • Input Voltage Range: AC 110-240V/50-60Hz
      • Output Voltage: DC 12V
      • Speed: 3,000-20,000 RPM (adjustable)
      • Handpiece Length: 6.3 inches
      • Color: Rose
      • Plug: US, EU
      • Bits Size: 3/32"

      All in One Electric Nail Art Groomer


      • 1 x Electric Pen-Shape Nail Drill
      • 1 x AC adaptor (78.7 inches long)
      • 6 x Bits

      Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order