Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper
Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper
Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper
Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper
Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper

Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper

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A perfect tool for any devoted baker or pastry chef! 

With Master Class’s high-quality wooden pastry tamper, you can easily press dough into mini-hole baking pans and individual fluted tart moulds. This neat set simplified the pastry-making process by helping you get the dough evenly into all corners of the pan and bake beautifully shaped tarts and pies. 

It cuts your prep time in half! This tool works with both full size and miniature tart dishes. And it is easy to use that even your kids can do it.


  • SMOOTH SURFACE: Made of high quality wood, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless. Burr-free, won't hurt your hand. Made of high-grade wood, this tamper is designed to last for years
  • DOUBLE SIDE: Its double-ended design, it’s versatile too, giving you more control over the size and shape of your pastries. One end we made mini tartlets and with the larger end, made same into muffin pan. The small side is perfect for mini cupcake/muffins tins, and the larger side is perfect for tart pans
  • STURDY: This sturdy pastry plunger is not only used for micro baking. This is also a great tool for making your own delicious burgers. Simply press a circle into the top of your raw burger and it will remain flat when you grill
  • WIDELY USE: Perfect tamping crusts for tarts, Cheesecakes, pastries, pies, cookies, candy, and crackers, shaping the tart shells using a mini muffin pan goes very quickly

How to Use:

  • For prettier tarts with flawless edges, simply roll a small ball of dough by hand until it’s mostly smooth
  • Place it into a tart pan or mini muffin pan
  • Dust the working end of the tamper with flour to keep it from sticking
  • Press it down into the dough
  • Continue until the dough covers the bottom and sides of the pan evenly
  • Use the tamper's end to neaten crust edges before baking


  • Materials: Beech Wood
  • Size: 6*14.5cm
  • FDA & SGS quality

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Versatile Wooden Pastry Tamper

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