Perfect Beard Shaping Comb
Perfect Beard Shaping Comb
Perfect Beard Shaping Comb
Perfect Beard Shaping Comb
Perfect Beard Shaping Comb

Perfect Beard Shaping Comb

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Perfect Beard Shaping Comb is the first beard shaping tool that does it all. Line it up. Shave over the edge. Perfect lines. Its tapered edge design makes it easy to form perfect lines and achieve symmetry. Combine with clippers or a razor to achieve an accurate trim or crisp shave.
The Comb offers a multitude of shaping choices and styling options. Adjust the curve angle and use different leveling measurements to try something new; even shape your neckline with ease. 
  • Get a professional-level accurate trim or crisp shave, without your barber's costly services! Just use this amazing grooming tool along with your preferred razor, electric beard trimmer or clipper!
  • Use this tool and its handy leveling marks as reference to achieve a symmetrical look quickly and easily! Just place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your beard trimmer or razor do the rest!
  • With the help of a little beard oil and this great grooming tool's handy built in combs, say goodbye to tangles & knots!
  • This amazing facial hair template will help you shape your cheek line, neck line, jaw line, moustache, goatee, sideburns and more. It even features different styles - curve cut or step cut for your cheek, for example. 
  • Widely used by barbers.

Ideal gift item for Men!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 10 x 11 cm


  • 1 x Perfect Beard Shaping Comb

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