DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine
DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine
DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine
DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine
DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine
DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine

DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine

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Tired of going to nail salons, paying expensive bills to get your nail arts removed? Annoyed with DIY chipping away nails and all you get is skin damage and torn nails?😭

A Guaranteed Safe Way to Steam Anything Off of Your Nails WITHOUT Damage!

DeCrylix™ uses steaming technology to dissolve and remove nail polish, 10 times faster with zero risks of nail damage in the process. It comes with 5 nail slots, just simply slip your fingers in and remove all nail polish! It also removes acrylic (gel or powder), shellac, and so much more!

DeCrylix™ doesn't go past 52C°, dissolving all the polish off of your nails without damaging cuticles! Forget about forever trying to clip off the paint yourself one by one and just making a huge mess. 


  • Money Saver - Saves you money from having to constantly pay at nail salons.
  • Time & Energy Saver - Complete 5 fingernails at 1 time. Making it time-efficient and less frustrating cleaning your nails!
  • Completely Safe - Penetrates the gel deeply and gets all the gel off without even coming in contact with your nails and cuticles.
  • Removes Various Nail Gels - Applicable to nail polish, acrylic (gel or powder), shellac and etc. The perfect all-in-one solution to clean your nails.
  • Better Nail Health - Remove nail arts without damaging your cuticles, offering better protection and overall healthier nails.


  1. Open the machine cover and pour 5-10 ml gel removal solution into the pot.
  2. Use a nail file to file the top coat lightly.
  3. Turn on the power switch, the "H" light will be on. Wait about 1-2 mins until the "S" light is on.
  4. Put your fingers into the machine cover.
  5. Wait 5-10 mins until the nail arts are dissolved.
  6. Use nail removal polish to swipe away residue within a minute before it gets dry again.


DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine


  • 1 x DeCrylix™ Gel Off Machine

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