Hand Drum Rotary Grater
Hand Drum Rotary Grater
Hand Drum Rotary Grater
Hand Drum Rotary Grater
Hand Drum Rotary Grater

Hand Drum Rotary Grater

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Need a faster, more efficient way to whiz through meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts...pretty much anything? Introducing Hand Drum Rotary Grater to help you chop down any food with finesse!

With just a simple turn of the handle, you will find yourself with finely chopped ingredients to create your favorite meals and treats!


Without the need for complicated buttons and settings, our grater is fully capable of doing every job you need with just one turn of a crank. So whether it's your first time in the kitchen or you're a professional chef with years of experience, you just chop quickly and efficiently.


Remove the blade and our drum grater is easy to wash by just placing it in the dishwasher! 


  • FASTEST WAY TO GRATE FOODS: When it comes to slicing, no other item can do it better than our drum grater – the quickest way to whizz through cheese, vegetables, nuts and more!
  • HIGH-QUALITY KITCHEN TOOL: Everything from the body to the blades is built to last – made with excellent BPA free plastic and durable stainless steel for strong food preparation.
  • EASY TO USE MECHANISM: Obtain perfectly grated foods in just a few steps: lock the device onto a flat surface, insert blades, remove the plunger, insert food, turn the crank handle and voila!
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Unlike other mechanically operated graters, ours is created to save as much space as possible in your kitchen so it can neatly be tucked away whenever it’s not in use.
  • EXTRA WIDE MOUTH: Whether you’re shaving chocolate or small nuts, or grating thin carrots, large potatoes or wide zucchini, the grater is perfectly designed to fit almost anything.
  • Size: 26 * 11.5 * 24
  • Material: ABSZ + PC + 403 stainless steel
  • Hand Drum Rotary Grater X 1
  • Blades X 3

Cheese, Kitchen & Dining, vegetablecutter, grinder

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