Shoot The Balls
Shoot The Balls
Shoot The Balls
Shoot The Balls
Shoot The Balls
Shoot The Balls

Shoot The Balls

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ūüĒęAdd some thrills to¬†coming PartiesūüĒę

Are you looking for new ways to entertain your guests in coming parties? Reach out to this enjoyable shooting game that kid, adults, even your grandparents can play!

Compete against families and friends with this awesome floating shooter game! Simple setup; place five balls on the pillars, turn on the game and the balls will be floating in mid-air! Compete to shoot down the balls as quickly as you can with the included foam dart blasters.


  • Helps improve your¬†eye and body coordination
  • Suitable¬†for¬†holiday season and birthday parties
  • Great for practicing your¬†sharpshooting skills

  • Cultivates focus¬†by shooting slightly moving air-floating balls
  • Perfect as a present¬†to kids and adults alike


  • 1 x Air Blowing Base
  • 10 x Floating Balls
  • 1 x Shooting Gun
  • 3 x Soft¬†Bullet

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