Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

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💖 Defining tint and moisturizing lip balm all at once! 💖

The new V-cut created for the golden ratio of tint and lip balm defines the inside of the lips vividly and moisturizes the outer side of the lips!

Available in 8 fun, trendy color duos, it features a custom oblique cut that delivers a youthful, fuller-looking pout and a perfect gradation with every swipe
No dead skin cells! as if having used a lip mask over dry lips. Express natural gradation combining the features of defining tint and moisturizing lip balm.
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  • V-cut Quick Smart Gradation: The 7.5mm V-cut design optimized to color the center of the lips expresses optimal tint gradation with a single sliding application as color spreads naturally on the lips.
  • Stronger Color Contrast: A tinting function is added to the color expression of the existing Two-Tone Lip Bar in order to improve the color’s sustaining power and coloration and to provide tint gradation effect with the contrast of lip balm and strong color.

  • Dead Skin Cell Care with the strong moisture of Lip Sleeping Mask: Lip Sleeping Mask Moisture Wrap technology containing skin-purifying factors are applied to the hyaluronic acid mineral network to keep the lips moisturized by forming a moisture tank over the lips with a moisture-keeping film.
  • Customized tinting for each individual: The tinting color, which changes depending on the lip pH and temperature, is applied to express customized tinting effect and to make the lips look healthy.

  • The angled tip and soft texture make ombre lips easy to do: The angled tip blends the edges of the two colors together, with the smooth texture allowing easy application.
  • Improved Color Payoff: The color pigments are milled to reduce the size and increase color payoff; the brighter and more vivid particles sit evenly on the lips without clumping.
  • Optimum Color Combos: Create an ombre look that starts at the center of your lips and offers Unique and charming color combos


  1. Lower the button to push the lipstick upward.
  2. Be sure to open the cap before pushing down the button.
  3. Expose the lipstick little by little as needed since the lipstick is easily breakable.
  4. Apply softly on the lips while holding the button with your thumb since the lipstick can be pushed inside if you press too hard.


        • NET WT: 20g
        • Size: 10 x 3 x 2cm
        • Ingredient: Bee wax, Isostearyl alcohol, Vitamin E


        • 1 X Two Tone Tint Lip Bar



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