Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband

Wig Grip Headband

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  • Are you constantly tugging your wig to keep it from shifting around?
  • Do you hate the headaches that come from clipping your wig onto your scalp?
  • Are you getting a bald spot on the top and sides of your head from the wig combs?
  • Are you tired of fixing your hair/wig in the windy outdoors?

    The innovative wig-grip band offers superior comfort and durability. If you need something to ensure your wigs won’t slip while doing workouts or at your day job, Going out shopping, this hair band is a must have in your wardrobe.
    It keeps your wig from thinning further as it lets your scalp breathe through the space between the band and the wig material.

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    Makes Styling Easy!

    Because it keeps your hair in place, you can freely move it around. Twist it, bun it or ponytail it, doesn’t matter as long as you have this hair grip band.
    Look good, feel good without worrying that your hair is uneven or slipping. Just wear this under your wig and voila!
    Get ready to go out and show off your new hair buddy.

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    Easy to Care - Wear, Wash and Flaunt!

    After wearing this wig grip under your gorgeous wig, simply throw it in the washing machine, with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, roll Band into a towel for a few moments to absorb excess water, then lay flat to Air dry.
    Made of durable quality materials, it’s simple to clean and you can use it repeatedly.

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    • ✔️ Adjustable - One Size Fits All
    • ✔️ 100% Cotton
    • ✔️ Secures wig in place
    • ✔️ Prevents Headaches
    • ✔️ Stops Hair from Thinning Further
    • ✔️ Distributes Weight of the Wig Evenly
    • ✔️ Anti-itch Material
    • ✔️✔ Prevents bald spots

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    • Color: Black, Beige, Coffee
    • Size: 52.5cm X 4.5cm


    • 1 x Wig Grip Headband